Tatiana Farina

Tatiana Farina is a PhD in Economics from Boston College (2012), has an MA from Boston College (2006) and BA in Economics from University of São Paulo (2003). From 2011 to 2012 she was an assistant professor at Insper – Institute of Education and Research in São Paulo, Brazil. Her research interests are mainly in industrial organization, applied microeconomics and quantitative marketing. The main themes of her recent research has been focused on consumer behavior. She is also interested in public policy implications. Tatiana has taught economics courses (principles of microeconomics and principles of macroeconomics) at Boston College for three years, and has taught advanced marketing and a graduate course of multivariate statistics at Insper.

Short Bio:

Ph.D.  (Economics), Boston College

Email: tatiana.farina{at}bc.edu


Curriculo Lates

Research Interest:

– Industrial Organization

  1. Applied Microeconomics

  2. Quantitative Marketing

Co-organizer of MOITA Workshop

Member of the Industrial Organization group of REAP

Current Research:

How Do Experience and Shopping Frequency Affect Consumers’ Brand Choice? (2012)

Abstract: Consumers behave very differently when they do not have perfect information about all brands available on a shelf. In this paper I extend the benchmark discrete choice model of consumer demand to capture two distinct features of experience-goods markets: prior brand experience and shopping frequency. Although the current literature incorporates habit formation in consumer demand models, it has not considered a more fundamental question: how the first experience with a brand affects the consumer’s choice. I estimate the model using data on purchases of packaged orange juice, which comes from a new consumerlevel panel provided by a large supermarket chain in Brazil. I find that for this product prior experience of a brand is as important for a consumer’s choice as price. Furthermore, own- and cross-price elasticities change significantly when experience and shopping frequency are taken into account. My findings have implications for both firms’ strategies and for antitrust analysis related to experience-goods markets.

The Effect of Umbrella Branding on Consumers’ First-Time Experience and Brand Choice (in progress)

Published Research:


Consumer Perception on Alternative Poultry. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, v. 5, n. 2, 2003 (with Almeida, S.F.)

Exportações Agroindustriais Brasileiras: valor industrial x valor de mercado. Informação FIPE, v. 241, p. 15-20, 2000 (with Nassar, A.M.)

Book chapters:

Comportamento dos Preços e Identificação do Mercado Relevante: o caso CVRD. In: César Mattos. (Org.). A Revolução Antitruste no Brasil 2: a teoria econômica aplicada a casos concretos. 1 ed. São Paulo: Editora Singular, 2008, v. , p. 95-118. (with Farina, E.M.M.Q. and Nunes, R.)

Doing Business in Brazil: an introductory guide. In: Mark Vaile. (Org.). Sectoral Analysis: Agribusiness. 1 ed. : , 2001, v. , p. 49-51. with Farina, E.M.M.Q., Giordano, S. and Viega, C.A.S.)

Mentions in the Media:

The Economist,A Champion for Choice”, August 2012

Folha de São Paulo,Empresas têm que aprender a lidar com a ‘nova velha geração‘”, October 2011

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