Infrastructure Projects


GO Associados is a pioneer in the services supply and business and investments enablement in the infrastructure field, from a multidisciplinary and integrated approach.

We understand that businesses and public agencies involved in this type of project need consulting with professionals from different specialties.

GO Associados helps companies and governmental bodies in expressions of interest, structuring and modeling of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), concessions of public services and “joint ventures”.

Our services include formatting and development of infrastructure projects in the economic-financial, institutional and technical aspects.

The experience of our staff in the public sector represents key differentiator in understanding the needs of government agencies, facilitating dialogue and public-private interface.

Our partners, Peter Scazufca, who acted as coordinator of SABESP Technical Group of PPPs, and Fernando Marcato, who was a Member of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Aquapolo Society, largest reuse water project in the Southern hemisphere, are renowned professionals with solid technical, economic, institutional and legal expertise in the infrastructure area.

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