Foreign Trade


At GO Associados, we develop and execute, together with the clients, negotiating action strategies to subsidize the business positions and to defend their pleadings with the decision makers.

We operate, among others, in areas of access to market of agricultural and industrial goods (tariff and non-tariff barriers), rules of origin, government procurement, services, investment, intellectual property (WIPO) and the settlement of disputes.

We also help and follow up on actions of trade defense, together with Government bodies, in cases of anti-dumping, countervailing duties and safeguards.

We also offer economic consulting and assistance in the defense of business interests in the negotiations of bilateral, regional and multilateral trade (Mercosul, ALADI, OMC).

GO Associados is in charge of the preparation of studies and opinions required to subsidize the companies’ positions.

Our senior partner, Ambassador Regis Arslanian, who was Chief Negotiator of Brazil and Ambassador to Mercosul and ALADI, has extensive credentials in the area of foreign trade.

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