The macro-sectoral (MS) area of GO Associados specializes in macroeconomic and sectoral analyses elaboration, evaluation of business projects.

Highlighted among the main products are:

  •  Macroeconomic and sectoral consulting
  •  Preparation of studies, government projects and evaluation of sectors and companies
  •  Strategic analysis for new business development or restructuring of companies
  •  Identification of opportunities and risks in the corporate environment
  •  Performing of lectures and seminars

Products offered by GO Associados in the Macro-sectoral area:

  •  Analysis of the situation and macroeconomic scenarios.
  • Fundamental tool for understanding and anticipation of the main trends of the Brazilian and world economy.
  •  Sectoral scenarios.
  • Assess, in depth, the conditions of supply and demand of different sectors of the economy, seeking to anticipate its performance in terms of production, sales, prices, investments and profitability.
  •  Studies and projects.

Concentration of economical and financial solutions for specific Client demands.


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