GO Associados holds notorious knowledge and experience in antitrust both by CADE regulator’s viewpoint, or the company’s consultant and likewise by the executive and entrepreneur who faces daily market issues.

Gesner Oliveira, partner of GO Associados, has vast experience in the subject:

* President of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense CADE (1996-2000). Secretary of Economic Monitoring of Ministry of Finance (1995). Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat of Economic Policy of Ministry of Finance (1993-1995).

* President of CADE, judged prominent cases like AMBEV, Kolynos-Colgate and Gerdau-Pains.

* Secretary of Ministry of Finance participated on the work group that elaborated legislation of competition defense.

* As antitrust consultant he acted in prominent cases as Nestlé-Garoto, Vale-CSN, Itaú-Unibanco and Casino-Pão de Açúcar, in this last one with evaluation of competitive risk.

* As specialist for multilateral organizations he acted as representative of Brazil in the antitrust group in the OMC (1996 – 98); Special consultant for the OCDE, World Bank and ONU-UNCTAD and participated on the evaluation of economic aspects of competition defense systems in Egypt, India, Costa Rica, Panama and Argentina.

* As Secretary of Ministry of Finance, participated on the work group that elaborated Law 8884/94 and as professor made statements in the Congress with suggestions on the changes that resulted in the current antitrust law (12.529/11).

* As professor he has taught courses on antitrust and regulation in the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and taught the matter in this area as Visiting Professor at the University of Columbia in U.S.A. in 2006.

* As an academic, has published several books and articles on antitrust and regulation

* As President of Sabesp (2007-10), faced competition issues in a regulated market and implemented antitrust compliance program in the company.

The multidisciplinary team of GO Associados has assisted companies, class associations, Governments, and law firms in various aspects such as:

* analysis of competitive risk for approval of merger and acquisitions operations in CADE

* consulting for the presentation and discussion of merger and acquisition operations with the members of CADE

* consulting for performance in conduct cases as cartels, discrimination of prices, predatory price, tie-in sale, among others;

* elaboration of preventive programs of antitrust compliance ;

* consulting in competitive cases in regulated sectors as sanitation, telecommunications, civil aviation, airport infrastructure, ports, highways, among others; and

* consulting in administrative or judicial proceedings for compensation of damages originated from anticompetitive practices.

GO Associados

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