Code of Ethics




This Professional Code of Ethics intends to define the standards of professional and personal behavior that will have to be adopted by the partners, administrators, employees and consultants of GO ASSOCIADOS (“Society”) in the relationship among themselves, in the performance of their respective functions, and in the relationship with Clients, potential Clients, suppliers, service renderers, governmental authorities and any third parties. All partners, administratos, employees and consultants of the Society, on receiving this Professional Code of Ethics, must sign the Term of Knowledge, declaring knowing the rules and principles here exposed, returning it at the Society headquarters, where it should be filed.

I. Relations with the Client

a) The interest fir the Client will always come ahead of yours and the service to him provided must be done with integrity, competence, dignity and ethics, dealing with the Client always in a courteous way and respecting his individuality and privacy.

b) Any and all information obtained from the Client will be kept in secrecy, strictly “confidential” during the course of their professional work, being forbidden to use for themselves or for third parties, including friends and relatives, information related to the Client.

c) All the consulting to the Client will be made in a transparent and impartial way to the relevant facts and responsible opinions and all the tasks will be fulfilled on the best way, within the highest standards of ability and technical quality, always aiming at the Client’s optimum interest.

d) The Client and the members of the Society should be informed about any relationship, circumstances or interests that may influence their judgement or impair the objective of their works.

II. Handling Professional Services

a) All the rendering of services assumed by the Society will be carried through in observance of the law and the professional ethics.

b) Before the acceptance of any project, it must be discussed with the Partners and the Client all the details and information that involve the service, in order to perform it in a satisfactory and confidential way, in the terms and conditions agreed with the Client. This service will only be accepted if it can properly serve the Client.

c) Project will only be assumed by the Society for which it considers itself capable and qualified to perform. If necessary, the Society may recommend that other market professionals participate together with it on the project requested by the Client, in order to better serve him.

d) The Society will not render services under terms and conditions that can come to harm its objectivity, independence and integrity. The agreement may be terminated, if the conditions get out of its control and negatively interfere in the satisfactory conduction of its responsibilities.

e) All the services will be supplied with discretion and professionalism, being forbidden the spreading of confidential information.

f) The Society will not supply services that are not of its experience and expertise.

g) The resources of the Society or the activities developed within the Society will not be used in a way to satisfy personal interests that violate this Code of Ethics or any applicable legislation.

h) Any partner, administrator, employee, supplier and service renderer that comes to harass sexual or morally any person will automatically be off of the workforce of suppliers/collaborators of GO Associados.

i) Any partner, administrator, employee, supplier and service renderer that comes to discriminate, to make distinction of sex, race, color, creed, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, financial situation or age of any person, will automatically be off of the workforce of suppliers/collaborators of GO Associados.

j) The assets of GO Associados will be taken care and kept in good condition.

III Remuneration:

a) The remuneration of the Society will be determined on the basis of the nature of the services, in its experience, ability, level of assumed responsibility, reputation and on the benefits provided to the Client.

b) It will not be accepted, even if at the Client’s request, association in the rendering of services to people or companies that do not fit in the standards of this Professional Code of Ethics.

IV. Environmental and social responsibility:

a) GO Associados will not provide services or negotiate with Clients or potential Clients whose money is suspected of use for money laudering, criminal or terrorist practices or in disconformity with the objectives of GO Associados, nor with Clients who violate human rights and general principles of environment conservation.

b) All the activities of GO are guided by social responsibility and the respect to the environment.

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